Pitter Patter Dayhome

West Edmonton, AB

We’ve been with Laurie for over 7 years and we are so lucky to have her taking care of our kids, and kids in general over all those years!
Laurie is very passionate in her work with the children, they are spending a lot of time outside together exploring and learning about nature, math and good manners 😉 but also doing a lot of arts and crafts.
You can’t get a better preparation for Kindergarten anywhere else!
Laurie grows a special bond with the kids and they love her because she is doing what she is doing from the heart. And since she made a big impact on the development of our children it’s needless to say that she became part of our family.
Thank you, Laurie and family!
Julia and Jan

Our son, J, began going to Pitter Patter Day Home in January 2017. Right away, we were really pleased with Laurie and how she laid out expectations, and established routines with the children. Our son took to it very quickly and loved going to Pitter Patter from Day 1.

J’s days were filled with stories, games, songs, crafts, and nature. J loved that they went outside almost every day, and we loved that he came home happy, tired, and messy from a day of discovery and exploration. Even on the days when it was too cold to go outside, J was never bored as Laurie always had a plethora of ways to keep the children engaged while inside. Baking, planting, sharing, dancing, puddle-jumping, field trips, bus rides, puzzles, new foods, and books were just a few of the things that J experienced at Pitter Patter. Laurie always had wonderful themes for the children to learn about, like the ocean, colours, seasons, and international holidays.

My husband and I were a little nervous to send J at a day home at first. J is a spirited child and can sometimes be difficult to deal with. On those rough days, Laurie kept us informed of events and always welcomed J back in the morning with a “Today is a New Day” attitude. Laurie was great at sharing advice and strategies that have helped J’s behavior, both in and out of day home. J learned a lot about appropriate behavior and respect at Laurie’s house, sometimes he learned the hard way, but Laurie never gave up on him. We were so thankful that J had another adult in his life who was rooting for him as much as we were!

J learned how to love and respect nature, to share with others, to take risks, and to solve problems all from being at Pitter Patter Day Home. He will flourish in Kindergarten because of the great start he got at Pitter Patter. We consider ourselves extremely lucky that our paths crossed with Laurie and that, because of her, J had such a wonderful day home experience.

From a very happy Pitter Patter family.

“Both of our children had the privilege of going to Pitter Patter Dayhome for the past seven years and we were so lucky to have found such great childcare. We were amazed at the variety of themes, activities, learning, field trips and fun Laurie provided year round with her dayhome. We believe Laurie treats every child in her care like her own in a positive, safe and fun environment. Also, Laurie has provided our son and daughter with positive life skills they will use as they attend school and beyond. Overall, Laurie and her family are loving, kind and genuine and we would recommend her dayhome to anyone as we believe it is the best dayhome in Edmonton!”
Jon and Marissa August 2016

We have been so fortunate to have had our son in the care and loving environment that Laurie provided for our family for the past 4 years.   Laurie provides ample learning opportunities for all children in her care by making it fun and adventurous through field trips, themed activities and keeping it fun.  Our son was always learning new and exciting things and was never bored.  It is with all these learning opportunities and experiences that we feel  confident that he will be successful in school and beyond from the amazing care he had at Pitter Patter Dayhome.   Even though he will be starting kindergarten in the fall he still talks about Laurie's and asks about his friends that are still there. We would highly recommend Laurie for anyone looking for an amazing, fun, kind, caring and safe environment for there child. We recently had a second son and hope that he will be able to attend Pitter Patter Dayhome in Laurie's care:) 

Darren and Leanne 
September 2016

We've tried to get a spot at Laurie's for our oldest daughter already but couldn't get in since she is always so busy....which tells you what great job she is doing. A lucky circumstance then got us in with our middle daughter and that for sure was the best thing to happen.
Our daughter spent three and a half years in Laurie's fantastic care and has now left off  for kindergarten with incredible knowledge ;) and great social skills. All that based on Laurie's great organized routine and learning schedule.
We are very thankful for Laurie and her family being part of our lives....and continue to be ;)
I've seen a lot of places throughout the city while looking for a dayhome/ daycare and I can tell that Laurie's is by far the best place to see your child grow up in.


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“Our daughter has been at Pitter Patter Dayhome for almost 4 years now and we still say every week how lucky we are to have found such great childcare. We are amazed at the variety of themes, activities, learning, field trips and fun Laurie provides year round with her dayhome. We believe Laurie treats every child in her care like her own in a positive, safe and fun environment. Laurie has provided our daughter with positive life skills and discipline she will use as she moves on to kindergarden this fall and beyond. Also, Laurie’s educational program for the older children has prepared our daughter to be more than ready for kindergarden this year. Overall, Laurie and her family are loving, kind and genuine and we would recommend her dayhome to anyone as we believe it is the best dayhome in Edmonton. Lastly, our 19 month old son has also started at the dayhome this summer and in less than two months he has grown immensely.”

Jon/Marissa Z. – July 2013

To Whom It Concerns,
Our son was with Laurie for three and a half years. In that time she helped him to grow in so many ways. He was stimulated intellectually with books, games, puzzles, and challenges. She let him figure things out for himself and provided support where needed. He would come home full of tales of what he'd done that day including crafts, field trips, playing make believe, and baking. He learned to interact socially with both older and younger kids and had many social opportunities to practice problem solving, manners, and the simple things like taking turns and giving compliments. The field trips he was taken on helped him to learn how the real world works and how he could get around in it. As well, Laurie puts forth great effort to find interesting and nutritious meals, fun crafts and activities, and in-home field trip opportunities like bringing in health professionals to teach the kids about self-care. He has grown into a confident and curious learner and is doing well in school and in life. We are very glad that Laurie has been a part of our lives and would highly recommend any child into her capable care.
Andrea and Dave O

    My son has been at Pitter Patter Dayhome, for over 2 years.  Laurie has a fantastic learning and play program.  It’s like my son is in a pre kindergarten program.  The children have lots of time for play, but also learn new things everyday through Laurie’s theme months and her structured daily activities.


    In my experience, it is by far the best dayhome I have been at.  I highly recommend the Pitter Patter Dayhome to anyone looking for excellent care for their child.




    Barry K

    June 15, 2010


    Laurie has been caring for my four-year-old son,  for the past two years and it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to Laurie’s home and family as we move away from Edmonton.  I know that finding care for one’s young child can be stressful; however if you are lucky enough to have discovered Pitter Patter Dayhome and there is a spot open – my advice is grab it and consider yourself truly lucky.


    Laurie’s website gives a great sense of the engaging and fun activities that she plans all year long - from raising butterflies, to a trip to the aviation museum, to walks to the library, to baking pretzels, to water fights in the back yard, to harvesting the garden. Our son comes home every day with long stories about what he and his friends have been up to. Laurie puts a lot of time into finding the right activities for the kids and then letting them lead the way.  Her generosity towards these children is remarkable.


    Yet, it is not these exciting activities that make Laurie’s dayhome stand out from any other childcare I have come across – rather it is Laurie’s dedication to providing a loving, safe, predictable and educational environment for the children. Laurie is one of those rare dayhome providers who has chosen to make caring for young children her career and her life’s work.  She is passionate about what she does and puts energy and thought into being available to each of the children all day long. She and her husband Rob have made every inch of their home a welcoming and safe play zone; it took a surprisingly short time for our son to adopt this as his home-away-from-home.


    I highly recommend Pitter Patter Dayhome to you and would be pleased to answer any questions you have about our experience there.


    Kate N

    Mother of two


    Administrative and Financial Manager

    Department of Drama, University of Alberta