Pitter Patter Dayhome

West Edmonton, AB

I am from Victoria, British Columbia where I worked as an Early Childhood Educator. 

My experience includes working in a toddler daycare, preschool daycare, working as a special needs worker and supervising an out of school care and kindercare program.  In the  preschool and a toddler programs I worked as an assistant. 

The preschool program was a non profit daycare and the toddler program was a for profit daycare. 

My job in both programs including organizing and leading circle time acivities, planning and implementing of group time activities and providing general supervision and guidance of children.  I participated in field trips and neighborhood walks with both daycare programs. 

My experience as a special needs  worker includes work in a toddler program, a preschool program and an out of school  program.  I worked with a toddler with physical developmental delays, a toddler with  uncategorized delays, a preschooler with speech delays and an out of school care child with autism.  My job was to work one on one with the child and integrate them into the program, to work with staff, and the child's entourage of physio workers and therapists and the child's family.

As a supervisor of the out of school and kindercare  program, I was in charge of 4 staff, 3 rooms, and up to sixty children ages 5-12.  I worked as a liason between the elementary  school teachers and principal, the  management of the community centre I worked for, licencing, and the Ministry of Children.  This position included the program planning for the kindercare program, the out of school care program and the summer program.  The summer program involved weekly field trips and theme days for up to 40 children  ages 5-12.


I moved to Edmonton, Alberta 10 years ago.  The dayhome has been up and running for 

9 years.